2014 Conference Information

Materials from 2014 Conference (Austin, TX) Presentations:

Wednesday Sessions

Deep Dive (Inclusion) – Denver

CEO Breakout – Survey Data

Board Chair Breakout – Governance Survey 2014

Thursday Sessions

Big Idea (Encore Project) – Cleveland

Big Idea (Charitable Deduction) – MarinBig Idea – Charitable Deduction Article

Big Idea (CF and School Boards) – Atlanta

Minding the Gap Panel – Yanique Redwood

Friday Sessions

CFs, Public Policy, Levers for Action – Jeff Hamond

Deep Dive (GUCI) – Cleveland

Deep Dive (Prof Advisors)- Atlanta

Conference Pre-Reading (included in Conference Notebook)

Click here for pre-reading materials (all documents are in one large PDF)

Philanthropy and the Social Economy – Blueprint 2014 (Lucy Bernholz)

What’s Next for Philanthropy (Monitor Institute)

Thank you to Sherrie Chelini for taking photos …  Enjoy photos from the conference